Sub Quests:

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Unidentified Proofs 

(are turned in here)

  • Get Elf Lord Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Axe Master Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Ranger Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Spear Master Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Bishop Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Sword Master Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Dark Elf Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Barbarian Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Shooter Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)
  • Get Witch Proof (Contribute... Unidentified Proof x1)


Random Quests

  • Break the Fate Stone (Contribute... Fate Stone x1) = Random Reward
  • Army of the Fate (Contribute... Book of Fate x1) = Random Reward
  • Valkyrie, join my army (Contribute... Book of Fate x15) = Rune of Brynhildr
  • Get Chaos Armor (Contribute... Book of Fate x10) 
  • Get Chaos Ring (Contribute... Book of Fate x20)

Note*These could be (Subjugate), (Contribute), or (Story Clear) quests

Player Level 1Edit


Player Level 1

(Repeatable quest)

  • Defeat Goblins x10 (Subjugate...Prologue) = 1000Gold

Player Level 2Edit


Player Level 2

  • Donate Rubies (Contribute x2) = Magical Theory Book
  • Donate Bronze (Contribute x2) = Blacksmithing Book
  • Donate Leather Straps (Contribute x2) = Leathermaking Book
  • Donate Wool Cloth (Contribute x2) = Sewing Book
  • Donate Wood (Contribute x2) = Woodwork Book
  • Defeat Dorcus Bandits (Story Clear... Dorcus Bandits) = Axe Master Proof
  • Fight Back the Lizard Men (Story Clear...The Elf Princess) = Elf Lord Proof

(Repeatable quest)

  • Defeat Lizard Men x15 (Subjugate... Chapter 1) = 3000Gold

Player Level 3Edit


Player Level 3

  • Donate Water x2 (Contribute) =Magical Theory Book
  • Donate Iron Swords x2 (Contribute) = Blacksmithing Book
  • Donate Studded Vests x2 (Contribute) = Leathermaking Book
  • Donate Mana Robes x2 (Contribute) = Sewing Book
  • Donate Long Bows x2 (Contribute) = Woodwork Book

(Repeatable quest)

  • Defeat Centauros x20 (Subjugate...Chapter 2) = 5000 Gold

Player Level 4Edit


Player Level 4

  • Donate Thunder Bolts x3 (Contribute) = Magical Theory Book
  • Donate Steel Axes x3 (Contribute) = Blacksmithing Book
  • Donate Scale Armor x3 (Contribute) = Leathermaking Book
  • Donate Battle Garbs x3 (Contribute) = Sewing Book
  • Donate Mage Shields x3 (Contribute) = Woodwork Book
  • Fight back Grin (Story Clear...The Vezl Fort) = Spear Master Proof
  • Fight back Ophidian (Story Clear... The Fury of the Rabi Clan) = Ranger Proof
  • Convince Roskva (Subjugate... The Blind Missionary) = Sword Master Proof
  • Reward for defeating Sigmund = Silver Ticket
  • Reward for defeating Thiazzi = Gold Ticket
  • Repel Borghild (Story Clear... Queen of the shadow) = Sword Master Proof
  • Defeat Gore Gararu (Story Clear... Bandit King and Schiff) = Shooter Proof

Player Level 5Edit


Player Level 5

  • Repel Aurvangr (Story Clear...The greatest criminal Aurvangr) = Barbarian Proof 
  • Create Wind x4 (Contribute) = Magical Theory Book
  • Create Silver Plate x4 (Contribute) = Blacksmithing Book
  • Create Holy Vest x4 (Contribute) = Leathermaking Book
  • Create Elven Armor x4 (Contribute) = Sewing Book
  • Create Crossbow x4 (Contribute) = Woodworking Book
  • Defeat Frode (Story Clear... The Lion Frode) = Witch Proof

Player Level 6Edit


Player Level 6

  • ?
  • ?

Player Level 7Edit


Player Level 7

  • ?
  • ?

Player Level 8Edit


Player Level 8

  • ?
  • ?

Player Level 9Edit


Player Level 9

  • ?
  • ?

Player Level 1oEdit


Player Level 10

  • ?
  • ?

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