From time to time you will get a notification that [Elite Group/Treasure Guardian/Wasp Hero] has appeared in Chapter 3

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Elite GroupEdit

Elite Group Chapter 3
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Angry Gushiruku to be taken into battle.  

Giant Brothers(map)

An Elite Enemy Group suddenly appeared on Midgard. You can feel your blood is boiling for battle.

Giant Brothers
Encounters Drops
White Warg x2 3000 Gold
Red Goblin x2 steel long sword
Dread Spider x2 steel spear
Angry Gushiruku thunder bolt
Enemy Stats
White Warg 20

Red Goblin 20

Dread Spider 20

Angry Gushiruku 20

Treasure Guardian Edit

Treasure Guardian Chapter 3
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Fairy  to be taken into battle.  

Elite Group(map)

Treasure sleeps in Jotunheim. Before the guardian, you shakes the heart.

Elite Group 3
Encounters Drops
Treasure Guardian (fairy) x5 20,000 Gold
crystal, aquamarine
Enemy Stats
Treasure Guardian 19

Wasp Hero Edit

Boss Chapter 3
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Wasp to be taken into battle.  

Elite Group  (map)

Even the defeated wasp has a love and a family. And even in a wasp's world, there is a hero. When when it received the news of repeated violations, he stood up. It burdened the expectations of all Wasps, it came to confront you.

Wasp Battle
Encounters Drops
Giant Wasp x12 (melee) 10,000 Gold
Giant Wasp x2 (ranged) wasp doll
Wasp Hero platinum coin
Enemy Stats
Giant Wasp 5

Giant Wasp 5a

Wasp Hero

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