From time to time you will get a notification that [Elite Group/Treasure Guardian/Giant Brothers] has appeared in Chapter 2

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Elite GroupEdit

Elite Group Chapter 2

Here it has appeared in Chapter on Giga of Steel to be taken into battle.  

Treasure Guardian (map)

An Elite Enemy Group suddenly appeared on Midgard. You can feel your blood is boiling for battle.

Treasure Guardian 2
Encounters Drops
Cockatrice x2 (poison mist) 2000 Gold
Cockatrice x2 (petrify curse) water
Gargoyle x2

iron long sword, iron spear, iron axe

Giga of Steel   steel sword
Enemy Stats
Cockatrice 15

Cockatrice 15a

Gargoyle 15

Giga of Steel 15

Treasure GuardianEdit

Treasure Guardian Chapter 2
Here it has appeared in Chapter on Gargoyle to be taken into battle.  

Elite Group (map)

Treasure sleeps in Jotunheim. Before the guardian, you shakes the heart.

Elite Group 2
Encounters Drops
Treasure Guardian x5 10000 Gold
gold, ruby, sapphire
Enemy Stats
Treasure Guardian 12

Giant BrothersEdit

Giant Brothers Chapter 2

Here it has appeared in Chapter on Giant Brother to be taken into battle.  

Elite Group (map)

There were two brothers living in Jotunheim. They have always been facinated by the sparkle golden palace palace of Asgard. One day, the brothers knew that the vanguard of god was coming. The two men, floated with a burning smile.

Elite Group 2 Boss
Encounters Drops
Giant Idi (left: immune to magic) 3000 Gold
Giant Gang (right: immune to p attack) evil doll, platinum coin
Enemy Stats
Giant Idi 25

Giant Gang 25

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