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Chapter 1Edit

Encounter Drop List
Elite Group
  • bronze axe
  • bronze sword
  • bronze long sword
  • fire
  • bronze spear

Chapter 2Edit

Encounter Drop List
Elite Group
  • iron axe
  • iron sword
  • iron long sword
  • water
  • iron spear
Treasure Guardian
  • 10,000 Gold
  • gold bar
  • ruby
  • sapphire
Giant Brothers (Boss)
  • evil doll (+5str, +3def, +3mdef)
  • platinum coin

Chapter 3Edit

Encounter Drop List
Elite Group
  • steel sword
  • thunder bolt
  • steel spear
  • steel long sword
Treasure Guardian
  • 20,000 Gold
Wasp Hero (Boss)
  • wasp doll (+10agi, +3mdef)
  • platinum coin

Working onEdit

Not yet tabled Drop List
  • cerberus doll (+3mdef, -5tec, -5def)
  • ophidian doll (+10def, +3mdef)

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