Bifrost - Defensive war

Marching on the Rainbow Bridge, you found a flock of numerous undead. You threw yourself in a reckless battle to defend the bridge. Thus the defense on the bridge began.

Bifrost Defensive war
Encounters Drops
Skeleton x3 3000 Gold
Red Skeleton x3 vanadium ore
Shade x3
Nightmare x3
Return Yuti (Undead Archer)
Unchanged Tiari (Undead Sister)
Wandering Fred (Undead Sword)

                      Note* Guardian Heimdallr will be an ally in this battle   

Ally Stats
Guardian Heimdallr 25

Enemy Stats
Skeleton 25

Red Skeleton 25

Shade 25

Nightmare 25

Return Yuti 25

Unchanged Tiari 25

Wandering Fred 25

Battle RemarksEdit

Surprisingly powerful not 1, not 2,  but 3 Bosses along with a horde of minions. Obstacle stages make for an 'easy win' situation. Just survive 10 rounds... keep your 3 strongest units blocking the paths and bring 2 healers.